GREAT FALLS- Big Sky Cheese has caused a lot of controversy in Great Falls, following a proposal for a slaughter house at Madison Food Park.

Today's zoning board meeting was very short and to the point.

All in all, the only decision that was made regarding Big Sky Cheese was to table the discussion for a later date.

Currently, Big Sky Cheese is looking for a special use permit that basically allows them to perform their kind of business legally within their area.

The reason behind tabling the discussion is because the zoning board wants to give more community members a chance to voice their concerns or support over the controversial subject.

Overall, the county is doing everything they can to make sure the community stays informed.

“We reached out to some of the citizen groups and made sure they knew what was going on. We sent a press release about it in addition to the information we had intended to table that discussion. Again, so we could have a full hearing with a full board and a better venue where more people could be present,” explains Sandor Hopkins, Interim Planning Director.

As for that next meeting, a date hasn't been set yet because of scheduling issues with board members.

In addition to this, there are scheduling issues because of the Montana State Fair at the Expo Park, which is typically where larger board meetings are hosted.

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