Alluvion Health

GREAT FALLS- It's no secret, finding affordable healthcare can be a little difficult.

Alluvion Health says they understand this problem, and they're now offering a solution.

Alluvion Health is offering direct access to care through a new program called Alluvion Vitality Partnership (AVP).

Instead of paying for an insurance plan, you'll be paying for a monthly membership.

Now you might be thinking... What's the difference?

Well, it's a flat rate cost that gives you unrestricted access to healthcare providers; without a fee-for-service payment, which is something Alluvion feels Great Falls desperately needs. 

“Seeing that health insurance wasn't a thing that a lot of people had, some employers offered it, some didn't; especially the small businesses, we wanted to reach that community and just eliminate the barriers that those people face with not being able to access healthcare,” explains Trevor Bolton, the Employer Wellness Program Manager at Alluvion.

There will be two different membership options to choose from.

One will include a medical, behavioral and dental health coverage plan that costs $199 per person every month.

The other option is simply receiving medical coverage for $99 dollars per person every month.

If you're interested in signing up, simply go into the Alluvion office to fill out the forms.

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