Cascade County Detention Officer shortage

GREAT FALLS- The Cascade County Detention Center is on the hunt for 10 new detention officers.

They normally have 87, but right now they only have 77. In addition to other turnover, five detention officers have been moved over to deputy or probation parole positions creating open spots. Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter says detention officers are currently picking up extra shifts to make up for the shortage.

Slaughter told us this turnover is pretty normal but wants these spots filled as soon as possible.

“The thing about public safety is, it's going to get staffed no matter what. But what we're looking to do is get back to full staff so we can limit things as overtime cost. We can also lessen the burden and burnout on our officers so their fresh and ready to go to work,” said Slaughter.

Slaughter is hoping to get a large number of applications so he can get the best people for the job and create a more competitive work environment. This entire hiring process could take up to two months because they need to conduct background checks.

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