Young woman’s drive home turned into a nightmare after two men abruptly approach her car

(UPDATE: 10/7/19) The man arrested in relation to this incident has now been identified as 26 –year-old Tyler Jay Biglefthand.

Police have confirmed that Biglefthand was charged with assault with a weapon, robbery, felony theft, misdemeanor theft, and criminal trespass to vehicles.

Police said they were able to identify Biglefthand in the silver Honda Civic that he stole on Saturday, September 28th. Police then started to pursue the car. That's when Biglefthand crashed the silver Honda Civic and hit a couple of cars near the 1600 Block of 18th St. S. Police then explained that Biglefthand fled from the silver Honda Civic. However, police caught and arrested him.

GREAT FALLS- A young woman driving home from a night out with friends suddenly turned into fearing for her life.

18-year-old Aurora Ellington said she had finished bowling with her friends on Saturday, September 28th around 10 o'clock. Ellington said she was driving home heading south along 2nd Ave. S. near the First Church of the Nazarene when two men approached her car. They were dressed in all black and she said it was terrifying.

"They saw my car coming so they got in the middle of the road and they were like trying to stop me,” said Ellington. “I was in my car like no don't mess with me. Don't do anything. One of them got up to my bumper and kind of put his hands on it or tried to because I didn't stop. The other one came up to me and he was pulling on my door handle. And he pulled a large gun out from behind him."

Ellington said she stopped her car, called the cops, and reported what happened. After that, Ellington said she immediately went home and locked all her doors. She said 30 minutes after she reported the incident, police called her back saying she was lucky to quickly escape from these men because 20 minutes after she made the report, she said police told her the men stole a silver Honda Civic and assaulted that car’s owner with a gun.

Police have confirmed one man has been arrested in relation to this incident. This is a developing story, as more information becomes available, we'll share it with you.

If something like this were to happen to someone else, there are things people can do to increase their chances of getting away. Studies show carjacking is likely to happen near stop signs, intersections, and residential driveways. Experts warn people to keep their windows rolled up, avoid driving alone at night and keep room between the car in front of yours in case you need to drive away quickly.

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