#YouAsked: How does the city's Parks & Rec Fund get managed?

GREAT FALLS- Our 2019 "You Asked" campaign is in full swing. The philosophy is simple, you ask a question and we'll get it answered.

Tonight a viewer wanted to know how the City of Great Falls Parks and Rec

Department spends their money? Here’s how this over 8 million dollar budget is utilized.

It covers the administration, parks, forestry, aquatics, recreation, and golf courses. However, the majority of "larger" projects happening right now are coming out of the park district fund assessment.

It's-a 1.5 million dollar reserve used for deferred maintenance projects. It was voted on by residents last year and kicked in this year. Here's what some of the projects covered by the reserve are.

Renovations to the Electric City Water Park bathhouse, a multi-sports field off of 20 1st Ave. S., and Gibson Park improvements including restroom updates.

As for the demolition of the Natatorium, that money will most likely be coming out of community development grant. Where they plan on turning it into a park with a playground and picnic shelter.

"Moving forward we're working with the Montana School of Deaf and Blind to offer classes and programs. We'll be turning the corner sometime in the near future to look for a new facility," said Stephen Herrig, the Director of the City of Great Falls Parks and Rec Department.

Each year, the park district fund gets assessed on how it will be spent.

As for their entire budget, they're still creating it. Come this spring they'll sit down with the City Manager, and then it will go to the commission from May to June. Once it's settled, the budget will begin on July 1st, 2019.

Moving forward, they're planning on getting a feasibility study done in the next 6 months or year to see what the community wants and needs.

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