What takes school's to close in Great Falls?

GREAT FALLS- These conditions have forced multiple schools across the state to cancel classes, but that isn't the case in Great Falls. It's been nearly 30 years, according to Great Falls Public Schools since they've closed their doors because of snowy and cold weather.

So the question is, what does it actually take for a snow day to be declared here in the Electric City?

The short answer is it would take more than just cold temperatures, things like bus routes would also need to be canceled. Big Sky Bus lines are a private company hired by the school district and if their buses are running then you can bet classes are in session. But that's not the only reason to keep students in school. There’s a fearsome parent won't get the notification, and as Jan Cahill told us this morning that risk poses some serious problems.

"Maybe they don't have email or check their emails. There's a possibility you may have a kid standing out at the bus stop waiting for a bus that's not going to show up. Or you have students walking to school in cold weather like this and the schools are closed,” said Jan Cahill, a GFPS Board Member.

Nearly half of the students in GFPS walk to school, and Cahill adds if you feel it's not safe to send your child to school, you can keep them at home, and the school will grant you an excused absence.

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