41st NeighborWorks Great Falls High School House

GREAT FALLS - This morning, May 23rd, KFBB has an exclusive look on the 41st NeighborWorks Great Falls High School House entirely built by students.

A group of ambitious and eager high schoolers patiently waited for the public to see the NeighborWorks 41st NeighborWorks Great Falls High School House. Now, KFBB has a way of giving you a look inside.

With the help of NeighborWorks Great Falls, these students say they started building the house in September. They’re a part of the Great Falls Public Schools Career and Technical Education Program.

While some students spent time putting the final touches on the house, others were busy decorating and furnishing the place. One student tells KFBB that the building was a house in process. William Harr, an 11th grader at CM Russel, said there were bound to be some bumps in the road along the way, but that it's important to learn from your mistakes, especially if it's something you may want to pursue as a career.

"Yeah, I'm really glad I did this. It was a good learning experience. It started as a hole in the ground and then just work our way up to the top," said William.

This joint effort between NeighborWorks and GFPS is providing housing for low/moderate income families dating back to 1998. NeighborWorks says it brings the supplies, while the students provide the labor. Once that’s finished, NeighborWorks starts working with a home buyer to get them mortgage-ready with home buyer education and financial planning.

Right now, this house is under contract with a NeighborWorks home buyer and is closing soon.

If you want to see this place yourself, there's an open house happening from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. later on Thursday.

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