Service dog meets veteran

GREAT FALLS - Major meets his vet! We gave them a visit to see how the meet and greet went.

According to his trainers, Major is officially a PTSD service dog. He's a one-year-old labradoodle who met his potential owner for the first time today.

Fernando Terrones, an Afghanistan and Iraqi veteran who has PTSD, tells us- his healing process is one that takes time and consistently needs to be worked on.

All thanks to this dog, Terrones is hoping this service dog will aid his healing process. This story starts six months ago, when senior Carroll College students - Madie Sanford and Ali Hance from the school's Anthrozoology Program - started training major in an accelerated learning program.

It normally only takes two years to fully train a service dog, but they did it in six months.

"Trying to hold back tears while also have a huge smile on my face. My heart is so full right now. This is the best feeling when you finally see the dog you've been training matched with your person," said Sanford and Hance.

"We love animals. It will just be another animal to love, even though he'll be highly trained, he'll still fit in," said Terrones.

So far, as you can tell major and Terrones seem to be getting along great! Terrones tells us, he's feeling pretty overwhelmed right now but is thinking and hoping major becomes a permanent part of his family.

We asked Terrones, what he's hoping to continue to overcome. He tells us he's now working on taking his anger and sadness and turning those feelings into happiness, compassion, and more smiles.

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