Montana DRIVE Workshops teaching your teens driving safety

LEWISTOWN, Mont.- Having your child turn 16 and get their license can be a daunting thought. Montana Office of Public Instruction is lessening that burden with a driving workshop teaching your children how to handle emergencies.

They’re called Montana DRIVE Workshops. They're teaching your kids things like how to safely recover when a wheel drops off the side of the road. 17-year-old Ariel Manderle has gone through the Montana DRIVE Workshops located in Lewistown.

"They say okay now go 30, now go 45. And then if you're on a highway, etc. you're going even faster than that so they'll teach that just 15 miles per hour make such a difference.” Ariel Manderle, a participant in the Montana DRIVE Workshops.

One of her biggest takeaways was being more aware of her speed while driving. A message she's sharing with her friends.

"A group of my friends was on a dirt road, and he was driving too fast and didn't make the turn. Fish tailed right off into a ditch,” said Manderle.

Luckily, everyone was okay. But it's one more reminder to slow down especially on Montana’s windy dirt roads. During these workshops- professional instructors are showing drivers off-road recoveries like skid control, speed control, and maneuvering techniques.

Since adults can also take this class, Manderle says her dad has gone through it. For more information, click here.

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