Is it ever "too" chilly for calving season?

GREAT FALLS- Despite the below zero temperatures we've seen throughout the week, some ranchers are in the midst of calving season. In fact, they actually prefer this winter over last.

Ranchers are taking their calves inside to protect them from the cold temperatures. 

"You get down towards zero and I mean it's cold, these things are entering the world in some pretty severe weather,” said Rhett Young.

It's chilly, just take a look at these cows their breath is clearly condensing.

"No matter what the weather is, we're busy,” said Rhett Young.

Rhett and Chase Young are used to dealing with calving in Montana’s inevitably predictable weather.

And this year seems like a cake walk after last year's rough winter resulting in a good portion of Augusta flooding.

"Probably a good three feet running through this barn,” said Chase Young.

"Everyday it was a matter of getting a tractor going to plow yourself out because every day it was snowing and if it didn't snow there still snow blowing around,” said Rhett Young.

And if it does happen to become a harsher winter well, the Young's got it covered.

"We get everything that's calving into a barn so they calve with a roof over their head,” said Rhett Young.

Not to mention, they also have a special heated room they can take a baby calf in case they need a little extra warmth.

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