Great Falls students sewing quilts for children trauma patients

GREAT FALLS- A select number of children trauma patients are getting a special mood booster from a class of Great Falls fourth graders.

In Alissa Kline's and Therese McDonald's fourth-grade classrooms at Giant Springs Elementary School, sewing is a real-life way to learn basic math skills.

Kline says she was tired of hearing her students say “Why do we need to learn math today? We’re never going to use this in the real world.” 

"Unless the kids do it, they don't really feel that relevance. We can tell them it's relevant but until they actually do it and have the hands on, that's when it becomes meaningful," said Kline.

Her students are learning geometry while they give back to other kids in need, with the help of Quilt Away volunteers. The quilts are for Project Linus, which helps children healing from trauma.

"I chose the rainbow because, well, it's just kind of simple and represents happiness," said a fourth-grader in Kline's class.

In talking with these little guys, you could tell by their excitement how special this is to be helping other kids their age out. Kline says this is the only fourth-grade class quilt program in the Great Falls Public School System.

The money for this project was provided through a grant from the GFPS Foundation.

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