Go & Grow Educational Consulting and Tutoring moves to a new location

GREAT FALLS - A local tutoring center isn’t letting their students walk away with test scores below the 80th percentile. We’re telling you what Go & Grow Educational Consulting and Tutoring's secret is.

After seeing a need for students across Great Falls to receive a learning boost outside the classroom, two former teachers say they decided to take matters into their own hands and open up their very own tutoring center in the Electric City.

After seeing grades K-12 in Great Falls scoring low on math and reading, Annie Crutchfield and Kevin Leatherbarrow started to think of other teaching methods to raise those scores.

Things like one-on-one tutoring and making personal learning plans is what made them see a change in kids. But their theory in school success is simple: Any child can excel at reading and math; they just need the right skills or individual attention to do it.

"That just gives better services. We call that the triangle. You talk to the parents, the school, and then to the tutoring agency. We also talk to the counselors if they need it," said Leatherbarrow.

"They're like really bubbly in the morning. And they're always like hi come in. And they put us right to work and they always give us exactly what we need to do and then break it down, said” Addison Feurt, a 6th grader who's homeschooled.

Annie and Kevin say there are learning problems across the United States because programs keep changing year after year, and kids can't keep up. Children need consistency and simplicity. They say without writing, math, and reading you can't have science or social studies.

The center did say they eventually would like to work directly with Great Falls Public Schools. KFBB reached out to Great Falls Public Schools, who say it's not engaged in any formal work with them at this time.

The center helps public, private, and home schooled students. Its new location is at 800 2nd St. S.


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