Family asking for answers of deceased Browning girl

(UPDTAE 2/11/2019): The FBI has confirmed they're investigating the death of 18-year-old Brittany Sue Madplume from Browning whose body was discovered nearly a month ago.

Madplume's family is still looking for answers after they say her body was found in a vehicle outside her boyfriend's house on the Blackfeet Indian reservation on the morning of January 11th. Her body reportedly had bruises and scratches on it as well, but the FBI has yet to release a cause of death.

“My heart goes out to Brittany’s family and the Blackfeet community, who deserve answers and swift action from law enforcement to bring the perpetrator of this crime to justice," said Sen. Jon Tester. 

The FBI says that because the investigation is ongoing, they cannot make any further comment but if anyone has any information in regards to Brittany’s death, the family is encouraging people to call the Glacier County Sheriff's Office.

We also reached out to the Blackfeet Law Enforcement and the Glacier County Sheriff, who hasn't returned our calls as of news time.


GREAT FALLS- The family of 18-year-old Brittany Sue Madplume from browning is speaking out begging for answers as to what happened to Brittany almost one month after she was found dead.

Questions, concerns, frustrations, yet, still no answers nearly one month later.

"It was hard to believe at first because no, not Brittany, she just left,” said Laurna Chief Goesout, the family’s spokesperson.

January 11th and 12th, was the last time Madplume's family had seen or heard from Brittany. However on the 12th her body was found in a car outside of her boyfriend's house. 

"She was supposed to call and check back in and that wasn't like her not call check back in with her family,” said Goesout.

Soon, Brittany’s family would learn their gut feeling was right.

"She had scratches on her hands and bruises on her face. She was a girl who fought hard for her life,” Goesout.

But how did this all happen?

"The coroner said when I bring her down I'll have answers for you guys on the cause of death,” said Goesout.

So the family waited to hear back from law enforcement.

"We didn't hear back from anybody. We've been in the dark as far as dark can be seen,” Goesout.

And yet, still no word from the FBI other than asking for Brittany’s social security number.

"Her dad goes to the FBI and asks for information. When he gets there they say nobody's in, nobody's in right now, they're out to lunch,” Goesout.

The FBI did tell KFBB they're looking into this case, and Blackfeet Law Enforcement says they'll be able to comment tomorrow.

"I feel sorry for the people that don't have the body. We have the body, but we still don't have not one answer,” Goesout.

If you do know any information about this, the family would like you to contact the Glacier County Sheriff: (406) 873-2711.

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