GREAT FALLS- Turning now to health news, Great Falls College MSU had quite the measles scare last week.

GREAT FALLS- Restaurant week is in full swing in Great Falls! After chatting with those making it happen, there are many dishes you can try from Feb. 15 to the 23.

GREAT FALLS- Snow heroes are people who make this bitter cold and unpredictable snowfall a little bit more bearable through their random acts of kindness.


Tonight in our Community Spotlight, Jackson Storm with Benefis Health System stopped by the KFBB studio to discuss the upcoming February Benefis Health Session happening Thursday, February 14th, from 5:30pm until 7 pm.

BOZEMAN- With gun violence and a high level of suicide in the State of Montana the City of Bozeman is taking action.

GREAT FALLS- A group of local cheerleaders is stepping up to make sure those who don't have necessities to keep them warm and safe in this bitter cold, now do. However, they're going to need a little help from our community to make it happen.

GREAT FALLS- Despite the below zero temperatures we've seen throughout the week, some ranchers are in the midst of calving season. In fact, they actually prefer this winter over last.

GREAT FALLS- In political news, a bill has been heard today that could potentially allow beer taprooms to stay open two hours later. This may excite all you beer lovers and brewery owners, but it's left quite the controversy among pub owners.

GREAT FALLS- These conditions have forced multiple schools across the state to cancel classes, but that isn't the case in Great Falls. It's been nearly 30 years, according to Great Falls Public Schools since they've closed their doors because of snowy and cold weather.

In tonight's Community Spotlight, Lacey Gallagher with Get Fit Great Falls stopped by the KFBB studios to discuss the "Building Active Communities Initiative" happening in our community. 


BOZEMAN- With the government shutdown now going into its 33rd day and no sign of reopening the Bozeman HRDC has put together an event Thursday to help furloughed or working without pay government employees in the State of Montana.

GREAT FALLS- After almost a week of grueling questions and presenting themselves, a lady has been named the new Miss Rodeo Montana.

In tonight's Community Spotlight, Kim Skornogoski with United Way of Cascade County stopped by the KFBB studios to talk about the upcoming "Healthy Lives Vibrant Futures" Community Health Symposium.