Miners Day

BUTTE- The Mining City celebrated Miners Union Day at the World Museum of Mining, which is an annual event to celebrate Butte's mining history.

Miners Union Day in June 13 and the museum celebrates it over the weekend closest to the day to allow more community members to come and celebrate. There was live music, a food truck and free admission into the museum.

Museum staff says for the past decade they've been trying to revive the holiday which was a big attraction decades ago in Butte.

Over 400 people are expected to attend the celebration over the weekend. This year, there's also 140 quilts on display in honor of veterans in Butte.

Museum Executive Director, Jeanette Coph says the day is a celebration of all the hard working miners that made Butte the great city it is today.

Coph said, "Butte was made by mining, we're here our history was all because of the mining every opportunity we get to celebrate that and recognize that especially here at the World Museum of Mining we take that opportunity and this is the museum's day of giving back to the community."

Coph says underground mine tours will be reduced on Sunday as well and the quilts will be on display through Sunday afternoon. The quilts will then be donated to local veterans.

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