BUTTE-A tax funded trash service pickup is something that the people of Walkerville have been fighting for years, and now residents are one step closer to making that a reality.

Last month, the mayor of Walkerville sent a letter to the Butte Council of Commissioners asking them to expand Butte's trash pickup to cover Walkerville.

Currently, residents in Walkerville can pay privately to have their trash picked up, which costs almost $20 a month. However, many people say they end up having to take their own trash to the city's landfill, while others don't have the means.

If Butte chooses to expand trash pickup to include Walkerville, it would cost residents roughly $90 a year which would help residents save money says Walkerville Mayor John Ries.

Ries is a life long resident of Walkerville and says the trash pickup would also help cleanup the town.

"We have so many rental properties, people leave garbage build up in areas because they don't want to pay the 19 dollars a month for pickup and the renter doesn't pay it so you have garbage building up in some of the rental houses or some of the houses," said Ries.

The city has agreed to send out a letter to all residents in the town of Walkerville and those who oppose the trash pickup will have a chance to respond.

The city will work with McGree Trucking, the contracted trash pickup service, to determine how much the expanded area would cost and then see how residents respond before a decision is made.

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