Stone Soup Event

BUTTE-In the Mining City on Saturday, volunteers were hard at work cooking healthy and fresh soup for the Butte Emergency Food Bank.

This is the fourth year in a row that United Way of Butte and Anaconda has sponsored and hosted a Stone Soup Event to benefit the local food bank. At 10 AM volunteers gathered at the Disabilities Services Kitchen in Butte to get cooking.

Throughout the day volunteers made ten pots of Italian wedding soup to feed over 120 people at the food bank.

Organizer and director of United Way Butte and Anaconda Julie Crnich said all the ingredients for the soup was donated by the Butte community.

After all the soup was cooked, volunteers even took the time to place the soup in containers and take it to the food bank.

Crnich adds its important to support local food banks and help those in need in the community. "I think that for us we have a number of citizens in need and a number of those citizens use our food bank and so it's good if we can help and provide an already put together soup," said Crnich.

She adds there will be a second soup making event next Saturday in Anaconda to benefit the Anaconda Food Bank and they're still accepting donations at United Way for the event.

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