Stormy weather is expected to sweep through southwest Montana starting at 2 PM Wednesday afternoon, potentially bringing hail, lightning and power outages to some parts of the state.

As the afternoon continues to the evening, those storms will hit most of our region and continue to do so until 11 p.m. tonight.

Our Stella Sun says the dark green coloring means SOME areas will see stronger storms -- a few towns here and there. As we move to the yellow, there's more wide spread possibilities for stronger storms -- note it doesn't mean all of the yellow area will see stronger storms, just more towns will see stronger storms compared to the dark green.

Hazards: wind gusts up to 40mph -- which could mean power outages possible. Larger sized hail up to the size of a nickel is possible. Lightning strikes possible. 

Most storms are expected from 2-6 PM, with less severe weather continuing until 11 PM.


The National Weather Service is predicting strong thunderstorms to hit northwest and southwest Montana on Wednesday afternoon and evening, with the potential for 60 mph winds and massive hail.

Missoula, Kalispell, Deer Lodge and Butte are among the areas that could see thunderstorms, quarter-sized hail and winds above 60 mph on Wednesday, June 26.

From NWS:


• High confidence in scattered thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon and evening.

• A few storms will likely become strong to severe, capable of winds over 60 mph and hail to the size of quarters.

• Strong thunderstorms could last into Wednesday night, mainly across northwest Montana.

• For timing details and a map detailing potential for strongest storms, see below.



Northwest Montana (including Glacier National Park, Kalispell, Libby)

MODERATE Confidence Timing of the strongest storms between 6pm and midnight.

West Central Montana (including Hamilton, Missoula)

MODERATE Confidence Timing of strongest storms between 3pm and 9pm.

Southwest Montana (including Butte, Deer Lodge, Georgetown Lake, Anaconda)

MODERATE Confidence Timing of strongest storms between 3pm and 9pm.

North central Idaho (Grangeville, Orofino)

MODERATE Confidence Timing of strongest storms between 2pm and 8pm.

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