Butte Road Work

BUTTE- Big changes are coming to Park and Excelsior streets as part of an effort to make them more friendly to pedestrians.

The project includes replacing sidewalks and corners along Park and Excel. to get the sidewalks up to code with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Montana Department of Transportation Supervisor Bill Fogarty says they're removing some stop lights on Park to help the flow of traffic.

Pedestrian crossing signals with LED lights and a push button will replace two of the stop lights. A brand new "smart" signal light will be placed at the intersection of Excelsior and Park Streets.

Fogarty says this will help Uptown be more efficient.

"The street lighting is going to be upgraded, the signals changes are going to more efficiently flow traffic, and of course, the pedestrian upgrades to sidewalks and the ADA ramps at the corners," Fogarty said. 

A temporary four way stop has been placed at Park and Excel until the new light is installed.

Construction work is expected to continue throughout the season and Fogarty wants to remind drivers to use caution in work zones.

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