Zeus the Dog

BUTTE-A Butte family has been without their beloved dog for over a month, after he was stolen and brought 2,000 miles away to Charleston, West Virginia.

After hearing about the story, people from across the country are donating their time and money to help get Zeus home to the Mining City.

Zeus is a 9-year-old Pitbull and his owner Cassandra Rasmussen says although he is technically not an emotional support dog, he has been their for her and her two daughters for almost a decade. "He's always just been there for me so when I feel down, he feels that I'm down too or something, he always comes and is right there next to me," said Rasmussen.

However, the day before Halloween changed everything for this single mother. A man who Rasmussen considered a friend stole her purse and Zeus then left for West Virginia. Rasmussen and her two young daughters were left confused and heartbroken.

The man also let loose her other dog Athena but Rasmussen says thankfully animal controlled captured Athena and they were reunited two days later.

Rasmussen adds she can tell Athena is left missing her brother Zeus.

"For him to come in and do something like that to me when we go way back; it makes me not want to open up and trust anyway and let them into my house anymore," said Rasmussen.

For days Rasmussen made phone call after phone call trying to locate Zeus. Then a few days later she received a call that her former friend was arrested and her dog was safe.

"I stared to try and figure out how am I going to get him home, like I really want to just go get him and bring him here but I can't just afford to do that and I can't just take the time off work and my kids," said Rasmussen.

That's when Many Paws Volunteer Transport said they would help. The groups mission is to help rescue animals and save their lives through transports.

Rasmussen says about 27 people from all across the country have volunteered to drive Zeus in portions the nearly 2,000 miles back to Butte.

Zeus is scheduled to begin his journey home on December 10 and is expected to arrive the following week, in Butte, just in time for Christmas.

"The kindness of everybody is just amazing and just to have my family back will just be amazing and it's because of everyone, thank you," said Rasmussen.

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