Gas leak fixed

BUTTE-The gas leak that closed down roads near Butte's Civic Center Friday night is fixed, said fire department officials.

Construction crews working near the Texas Ave. bridge Friday night hit a 12 inch service gas line just before 5 p.m.. Fire officials closed down Civic Center Road, Texas Ave. and the area around McGrath Park. This allowed crews to assess the problem and fix it. 

Northwestern Energy's gas team responded to the leak, along with emergency crews and they worked until 4:30 Saturday morning installing a stopper valve. The gas team was able to shut off the gas line.

According to Battalion Chief Bill Fisher, once the gas was shut off, crews worked all day Saturday fixing the line. "Yes all the roads are open up again, there is no gas leak anymore," said Fisher.

Fisher said everything is back to normal. "We were monitoring the leak as the Fire Department and there was never any danger to the public and everything went well," said Fisher.

It took the gas team about eleven hours to get the stopper valve installed and the gas turned off. "Northwestern Energy's gas team did an excellent job, right from the beginning with their incident command system and their workers; hats off to them," said Fisher.

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