Mt Con Mine

BUTTE- Another popular landmark is closing down at night after multiple complaints from residents.

First a gate was put up leading to the M last summer. Now, a gate will be installed at the Mountain Con Mine parking area to keep people out at night.

J.P. Gallagher, the director of the Parks and Rec Department says, they've always had issues with trash being left on the trails and in the parking lot even after they placed trash cans around the area.

This summer, issues have increased. Gallagher says reports are coming in about underage drinking, illegal drug use and parking lot races at the mine.

Gallagher says he encourages people to use the beautiful trails around the mine but he doesn't want his crew cleaning up after people everyday. He adds the park technically closes every night at 10 PM and now they're being forced to enforce that rule with a gate.

Gallagher said, "I want people to know it's safe to come up here, we're not worried about anyone being hurt or vandalism or anything like that, it's just we want to maintain the place and keep it secure and keep people out of here when they shouldn't be up in these parking lots."

The gate will cost the city $5,500 and should be installed in the next few weeks and will be opened at 6 AM and closed at 10 PM.

The Parks and Rec. Department will hold a community meeting at Clark Park at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, July 23 to discuss current park issues.

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