Butte Plaza Mall

BUTTE- News broke this week that a new call center will be setting up shop in the old J.C. Penney store in the Butte Plaza Mall.

This comes as welcome news to mall employees after big retailers such as Herbergers and Payless Shoes closed last year.

"It's just great that something new is investing in Butte and the community. It's good to see and we always welcome new business," said Manager of Riddles's Jewelry, Jori Schrapps.

FCR is an Oregon based company with another Montana location in Great Falls. The site in Butte will be a call outsourcing center that will provide callers with information via telephone, text message or social media. The center is expected to bring about 350 new jobs to Butte.

Butte Plaza Mall on-site manager Alana Ferko said she is excited for what this business will bring to the mall.

"When you have a couple additional 300 people on site, you're definitely going to see an increase in traffic," she said. "People are going to come out at break time. Since the plan was announced on Monday, Ferko said she's had two new business inquires.

The old J.C. Penney store is 34,600 square feet but Ferko said FCR will use about 28,000 square feet. The company will need to wire the site for communication and add desks and cubicles. Ferko said there isn't much construction needed to get the store ready for business.

With the decline in retail over the past few years, Ferko said they needed to get creative to attract businesses to the mall. "The mixed-use concept is just going to take us to the next level of sustainability," Ferko said.

Ferko said they plan to open sometime in the Spring.

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