Bus App

BUTTE- Butte School District No. 1 will soon launch an app to allow parents to track their students on the bus.

The app is called "Here Comes the Bus" and it gives each bus rider a card to swipe when they get on or off the bus. The swipe then alerts the parent's smart phone app of their child's location.

Kelsey Chase, transportation Secretary for the district, says this helps parents when their child goes to a friends house after school, the bus is late or an accident happens. Chase says it gives parents piece of mind.

The app is still in its trial stage and Chase says they're working to make sure the app is working correctly. Students and bus drivers have been swiping on and off the bus to practice.

Chase says they received positive feedback and enthusiasm from parents. "Having better technology to make sure that our kids are registered to this bus, we know where they're going, we know they're getting off at the right stop, not the wrong stop and we've allowed better safety and security for the parents," Chase said.

The school received a grant for some of the cost of the app and the rest was approved in their budget. Chase says the safety of the 1,600 bus riders is their number one priority.

The buses can also be tracked on the app, and Chase says students with smartphones can download the app too. The district can also communicate with parents and students with the app.

Chase says if all goes as planned they hope to launch the app for parents and students in October.

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