BUTTE-For the first time in the Treasure State, Montana Tech is hosting the U.S. Department of Energy National Lab Day.

The two day event has brought people from across Montana and the country to the Mining City. There are 17 National Labs across the country and their mission is to advance science and technology for the DOE.

Today, representatives from 13 of those labs came to Butte to see what staff, students and businesses in Montana have to offer.

Representatives and students from all universities and colleges in Montana were invited for the events. Beverly Hartline, dean of graduate studies for Montana Tech says this is a great way to show off Montana's schools and for students to secure jobs and internships with the DOE.

"There are huge opportunties in the lab system and I think we're also teaching the laboratory researchers and managers what the capability is within Montana and the main point is networking," said Hartline.

Hartline says events will continue tomorrow at Montana Tech with additional break out sessions and presentations. Hartline says they hope other cities in Montana will host a National Lab Day in the future.

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