Montana Tech Robots

BUTTE- Montana Tech is teaming up with four high schools to pilot a robotics project and competition that could help save miners after an accident.

Butte, Anaconda, Red Lodge and C.M. Russell high school students are participating in the innovative project. The Butte and Red Lodge groups picked up all their supplies on Thursday for the project.

Organizers say the students come from a variety of backgrounds including shop classes and robotics clubs.

The goal of the competition is to build a robot that could go into a mine after an accident and look for survivors. On Thursday the students and their school mentors received demonstrations on how to integrate sensors and controllers on their robots.

The contest will take place in April at Montana Tech. Curtis Link, Montana Tech's Dean of Outreach says the students will have mentors from Tech if they need assistance with their projects.

"They build and make sure their robot works, so they will actually run it into the mine on the Tech campus in the mine education center and it will be remotely controlled from outside, they will have video on their robot and they'll have lights on it," Link said.

Once the robot is in the mine, students will have it rescue a Charlie Oredigger toy.

All the supplies for the project are provided by Tech. The winning students will receive a $1,000 scholarship to Montana Tech and all the high school mentors receive stipends as well.

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