Chinese New Year

BUTTE- For the 23rd year in a row the Mai Wah Society rang in the Chinese New Year with a parade across Uptown Butte. 

This year is the year of the pig. Parade goers met at the Butte-Silver Bow Courthouse to call out the dragon.

The temperature was bitterly cold but dozens turned out for the animal event. "One of the great things about the event is people in the community know when we say it's going to happen its going to happen," said Mai Wah Society secretary Travis McAdams. 

Each year the Butte High History Club dances the dragon three blocks around Uptown. Th parade starts at the courthouse and ends at the Mai Wah Society for refreshments. 

The parade lasted about 40 minutes and the dragon stopped at several business sponsors to bless them for the new year. 

"Back in Butte's heyday there was a very large Chinese and Asian population that made a lot of contributions to making Butte what it was during its heyday," said McAdam. 

The Mai Wah Society Museum is closed during the winter months but opened up shop for parade goers to warm up with refreshments and learn about Butte's history. "We're a small museum and we're a museum that a lot of people even in Butte have never really visited, so we would encourage people to learn more about the Mai Wah," said McAdam.

The museum will be open up for the season in June.

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