BUTTE- The school year may not be over yet, but in the Mining City one man is already working hard to collect supplies for kids in need next year.

For the 4th year in a row, "Let us Run Delivery" is collecting donations and supplies for school kids in Butte.

Let Us Run delivers food and other necessities to residents in the Mining City and currently all tips and delivery fees are going towards the backpack program.

Last year, owner Jim Miller donated about 140 backpacks filled with school supplies to kids in need and this year, Miller says his goal is to deliver 250 backpacks.

To meet this goal, Let Us Run has teamed up with the Butte Chamber of Commerce and there is a drop off point at New York Life in Butte for donations.

Miller says he has never turned down a child in need of supplies. Miller says the reaction from parents and kids makes all his hard work worth it.

Miller said, "I've had parents cry, full grown men cry because they're raising their children by themselves and can't do it, I've had a little girl come up to me here a month and a half ago and grab me by the waste and say you're the backpack man you gave me my backpack last year."

On average Miller says, it costs about $60 to $80 for school supplies each year for one child.

The new school supplies, helps children focus on school and learning instead of focusing on not having new supplies like the other kids in class, says Miller.

Miller says, he appreciates the support of the Butte community and if you know a child in need of school supplies you can contact the company on Facebook.

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