The pit

BUTTE- The Berkeley Pit is completely frozen over due to the cold temperatures in the Mining City last week. It is a sight some people in Butte say they never thought they would see.

Ice started to form on the pit in November but that eventually melted. However, last week when workers at Montana Resources were doing their standard inspections and observations, they noticed the pit had completely frozen over.

Mark Thompson, Vice President of Environmental Affairs for MR, said this is the first time the pit has completely frozen over in several years.

"In the late 90s it was predictable, by mid-December it would freeze every year," he said. "As it has got more water in it, it has been less predictable."

Thompson said just like any body of water in Butte, the pit will freeze. The pit doesn't have enough dissolved solids in it to behave like saltwater, he said.

The viewing stand will reopen to the public in March.

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