Prison Pizza

DEER LODGE- A local restaurant has received a lot of positive attention online after being featured in an article on "only in your state."

Prison Pizza opened up in Deer Lodge abut a year ago and restaurant staff said they’re excited about the positive feedback they received online. The restaurant is conveniently located right next to the Old Montana State Prison Museum. Owner Kelly Cutler said they wanted the restaurant to match the theme of the prison.

The prison receives thousands of tourists each year said Cutler and it's one of the many attractions in Deer Lodge. Cutler said there are also live theaters, museums and historic sites to visit in Deer Lodge.  "I think Deer Lodge is a great place to visit and it doesn't get as much credit as it should, you could literally spend two days here there's so much to do," said Cutler.

Prison Pizza uses only fresh ingredients and makes their dough from scratch. For non-pizza lovers there are different options such as soup and salad.

In the future, Cutler said they're trying to add theatrics to their restaurant by having their employees act like prison inmates but for now patrons will be greeted by regular employees.

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