Christmas cards

DILLON- Something as simple as a Christmas card is bringing an immense amount of joy to one 13-year-old girl in Montana.

Hailey Cox is a vibrant and happy teenager. Family members say she's shown everyone around her she's a strong young woman.

Her mom says Hailey is overcoming the odds after suffering shaken baby syndrome at the age of 2. Her family believes a babysitter was responsible. For months, young Hailey was in the hospital. 

"Originally her prognosis wasn’t all that great, but she has come leaps and bounds and everyday is something new. She is the most hilarious, amazing little girl ever," said Megan Webster, Hailey's mom.

Last week Hailey was feeling down, and her mom came up with a plan to bring joy to her daughter during the holiday season. Hailey's mom took to social media and asked community members to send Christmas cards to Hailey. In less than a week, Hailey received thirty cards and her mom said one card even came from Germany.

"I decided we would show her how much we love and everybody loves her," said Hailey's mom, Megan.

Each day Hailey is excited to check the mail.

"As soon as the mail comes everyday she’s on it, waiting and ready to go. It just excites her so much, it's very heartwarming," said Megan.

Every card that Hailey opens, her younger brother Jacob helps read to her and her face lights up as he reads each card. Hailey's even too excited at times, she tears open the next card as Jacob is still reading the first.

"It is so precious to see, she gets so excited and she just will look at them. She gets really, really close to it and looks at it," said Megan..

Megan said they plan on hanging Hailey's cards up on the wall in her bedroom and Hailey hopes to receive a few more cards before Christmas.

If you would like to send Hailey a card, her address is 4805 MT Highway 278 Dillon, MT 59725.

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