butte marissa wheeler shoots at driver

BUTTE- Police arrested a woman Thursday morning after she allegedly fired gunshots while pursuing a driver who almost hit her dog.

Butte police arrested 22-year-old Mariah Whetter of Butte on criminal endangerment and DUI around 5:30 AM, Thursday May 16.

Police received a call just after 5 AM from a man who said he was being pursued by a black vehicle that was firing gunshots out the window.

Police say the man was traveling on old Highway 2 towards Butte when he saw Whetter and her dog walking down the street and he drove around them. A short while later, the man reported being pursued by a black vehicle driven by Whetter.

Whetter then allegedly fired a 9mm pistol and a 22-caliber rifle out of her car window to get the man to pull over.

Police say no shots hit either vehicle and no one was injured.

Butte-Silver Bow Sheriff Ed Lester said, “There's just about a million different ways this could have been a bad situation, if you look at it... It ended about as well as it could have given the craziness of the whole situation.”

Police were able to intercept the two vehicles on Harrison Avenue and arrest Whetter. She told police the man almost hit her dog and that's why she pursued him.

A drug recognition expert at the scene believed Whetter was under the influence of drugs at the time.

The incident is still under investigation and more charges could be filed against Whetter.

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