butte arrest levi anderson

BUTTE - Officers say wedding guests helped capture a suspect after a woman ran into a reception at the Butte Country Club to ask for help after she was assaulted.

Butte law enforcement say they responded to a report of a disturbance around 9 PM on Saturday, May 18 near Trinity Loop. Bystanders told officers that the woman was pursued by her alleged assailant, Levi Anderson, and they ran to the nearby Butte Country Club.

Meanwhile, staff at the country club called 911, reported that "a female had just ran into the building and informed the guests at a wedding reception that she had just been assaulted by a man who was chasing her."

The woman reported that Anderson held her down, punched her and hit her with her keys, and threw her phone.

Three wedding guests pursued the suspect north to Albany Street and East Lake, where they managed to tackle him and hold him until police arrived.

Police arrested Levi Anderson, who faces charges of partner-family member assault and tampering with a communication device.

The victim was taken to St. James Hospital for treatment.

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