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BUTTE- Organizers hope to move the Chelsea Bailey Animal Shelter to more modern, comfortable location for homeless pets and people.

Director of Community Enrichment Ed Randall says they'd like to build a new shelter, because the current one is decades old and in rough shape.

Outside the door of the shelter are a dozen trucks, rocks and a lot of dust. The shelter is behind a rock business with loud equipment and truck traffic, and Randall says it's not the ideal location for animals or people.

"The shelter that we have now has done its job," Randall said. "We just want to look at some design features and safety issues."

On any given day the shelter has roughly 65 animals in their care. The shelter has roughly 1,200 animals go through each year and the current facility isn't efficient, he says.

The county is looking into city-owned properties for a new shelter and Randall says they are very interested in a location near Skyline Park.

Randall says a better location will attract more visitors to the shelter and hopefully lead to more animals being adopted.

The city estimates a new shelter would cost roughly $500,000.

Randall hopes they can raise the money with help from animal nonprofits so the shelter would be no cost to taxpayers.

He says the way animals are taken care of has changed in recent years.

Randall said, "It's a lot different now than it was 20 years ago or 10 years ago, and we're just trying to keep up with the times and do the best we can."

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