Butte Landfill

BUTTE-Butte-Silver Bow County officials are looking for resident's input on the possibility of a new composting material pick up service.

The county annouced on Thursday that they created a survey to gauge interest and feasability from residents on a new green container composting material pick up service, in the Mining City.

The new service would be like current trash pick up but with green containers solely for organic compostable material.

City officials say the service would not raise taxes for it but instead the survey askes residents how much and if they would be willing to pay a month for the service. The new program would help those who are unable to get to the landfill discard their compostable waste.

Jason Parish, the public information officer for the city says the service would help clean up Butte and reduce the impact of compost on the landfill. "The more we can give back to the town in terms of recyclables and compostable things that can go back into gardens, it's all going to help, top soil, it's going to help maintain nutrients in the soil and it's going to give our landfill a longer life span," said Parish.

Parish adds the county already has a green waste facility that could be utilized more through the service. For more information you can go to the Butte-Silver Bow's Facebook or website to find the survey.

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