high speed chase

BUTTE- Late Monday night, a man allegedly led police on a brief high-speed chase after pretending to be asleep in a parking lot.

At 11:18 PM, police attempted to pull over a vehicle registered to a woman they knew to be wanted in Butte.

Police say when the car pulled into the Safeway parking lot on Massachusetts Ave. and officers approached the vehicle, they found a man pretending to be asleep in the driver's seat. The registered owner of the vehicle was not in the car.

Police say the man refused to get out of the car, and officers noticed what looked like drugs in the backseat. He then reportedly took off at a high speed.

After a brief chase, officers called off the pursuit because it was in a residential area and officers knew the identity of the male.

Later, officers say they found the car in the 2600 block of Goodwin St. with damage to the underside. The man had fled the scene and police received permission from his probation officer to search the vehicle.

Police say they found drugs in the car and have requested a warrant for his arrest on felony possession of drugs and criminal endangerment.

He has not yet been identified.

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