Porch Theft

Credit: Nicki O'Connell

BUTTE-Police in the Mining City are asking for the publics help to identify a woman involved in a string of porch thefts Wednesday evening.

Security video from one of the victim's home shows a woman stepping out of a silver Chevy Cavalier on Wednesday and stealing packages from the house in the 2900 block of Quincy St. in Butte.

With the help of social media, Sheriff Ed Lester says they've received dozens of tips on the suspect. Police also believe a man was driving the car.

The duo then stole from other houses in the area. One package they stole had a Halloween costume for a child.

Lester says they're working on new strategies to combat porch thefts. He also encourages residnets to call if they see someone acting suspicious in their neighborhood.

"The big thing is if people see somebody that doesn't belong in the neighborhood and they're driving around slowly or following a mail truck or other delivery trucks, there's a possibility they're involved in this type of behavior and we ask that they call us," said Lester.

Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call the Butte Police Department.

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