CIT Training

BUTTE- Officers learned how to de-escalate situations involving mentally ill or suicide people at a special training this week.

The Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement hosted a crisis intervention team training this week at the Butte Emergency Operations Center.

Detective Sergeant Jeff Williams said this is the fifth year in a row law enforcement has hosted and participated in the training. Mental health professionals and employees at the law enforcement center also participated in the training.

All week trainees were taught methods for helping people if they're in severe mental distress.

Williams said the goal is a peaceful outcome.

On the final day of training, officers who had already completed the training act out scenarios for the trainees. To pass the course they must successfully deescalate a potentially dangerous situation.

"If you are in crisis we are here to provide assistance not just to enforce criminal laws and please call us if you're in crisis and we'll do everything we can to help you," said Williams.

Williams said about 95 percent of Butte's officers have completed the course. The training is a statewide program sponsored by CIT Montana.

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