Butte Police

BUTTE-The Mining City is busy gearing up for Friday nights game when the Butte high Bulldogs will take on the Bozeman Hawks for the Class AA State Championship game.

Over 8,000 people are expected to pack Naranche Stadium on Friday night and Butte police say they plan to have eight officers stationed around the stadium. That is about double the normal about of officers they have at a regular Butte High game.

Undersheriff George Skuletich says there will be four officers on the field and two in the home stands and two in the visiting stands.

Skuletich says the officers will keep and eye on the crowd, looking for fights or intimidation to the players and making sure no one is drinking.

He adds in general they haven't had many issues over the past two weeks but his officers will be ready, just in case.

"We haven’t had to throw anybody out for using obnoxious language or for throwing anything; it's been pretty much easy games to work for our officers," said Skuletich.

Police say parking will be limited around Naranche Stadium and they recommend getting to the game early or looking for parking Uptown and using the parking garage which will be free during the game.

The game is at 7 PM on Friday and the Butte Civic Center will be selling tickets until 1 PM, Friday afternoon.

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