Shop Local Butte

BUTTE-The holiday season is quickly approaching, and one Mining City organization is teaming up with the American Independent Business Alliance to promote shopping local.

Main Street Uptown Butte announced the "Shop Indie Local" holiday campaign, which is a collaboration of 60 cities across the country to promote local shopping during the holiday season.

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for many businesses in Uptown, Butte.

The campaign allows for fun alternatives to Black Friday and Cyber Monday with stores hosting social events, like "Plaid Friday" and "Cider Monday". The goal of the two events is to get shoppers out in the community and buying from local stores.

Patricia Campbell, the owner of Beautiful Butte and Beyond which is a local gift store in Uptown, says a successful holiday season is important to businesses in Butte. "Hopefully local people both downtown and Uptown will come visit out shops here on Main Street and those on Park Street and wherever they may be and see what great products and what great people we have," said Campbell.

Mainstreet Uptown Butte is also hosting a shop local open house on Nov. 17 and small business Saturday will be on Nov. 30. Both events aim to get shoppers out in the Butte community.

Executive Director of Main Street Uptown Butte George Everett says it's important to shop locally year round as well. "We prefer that if people are here in Butte, they think twice before they go online or leave town to shop," said Everett.

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