Butte Library

BUTTE- Public libraries across Montana are the front lines of intervention for those who are homeless, by providing them a safe and warm place.

The Butte Public Library is stepping up to educate the public on ways the library helps those in need and how the community can too. During the winter the Butte Library serves as a place the homeless can come to get out of the elements, read a book and get referrals to other community resources in Butte.

Librarians want to show that everyone is welcome , and Adult Services Librarian Shari Curtis teamed up with the Covellite Theater to screen a movie called "The Public" by Emilio Estevez, Friday night. The movie highlights libraries working towards the same goals in Cincinnati.

The goal is to educate residents on how libraries help those in need.

Curtis says they want to start a conversation in the community and that's why they invited local leaders and community organizations to the screening and forum. Curtis says they want to build a more accepting community in Butte.

Curtis said, "Anybody could be homeless when you live paycheck to paycheck and if something happens we could all be there I just hope people stop seeing the homeless as an other or somebody else’s problem or that's what happens to those people, just the realization that it could be anyone."

The movie started at 6:30pm at the Covellite, across the street from the library. Curtis said they will have free snacks and the event is free and open to the public.

Curtis said they plan to host a public discussion following the movie.

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