Butte's Alley Rally

BUTTE- In the Mining City, the annual Alley Rally waste disposal program kicked off Tuesday for the 15th year in row, which helps keep the city clean during the spring and summer yard work seasons.

This year, the Community Enrichment Department set up a central disposal site off of Shields Ave., across from the Berkeley Pit Viewing Stand. The program aims to help residents who have a tough time getting their waste to the landfill in Rocker.

Trailers are not accepted at this time or any items that are fee driven at the landfill such as batteries, tires and paint cans.

The program is no extra cost to tax payers, John Moodry, the assistant director of Community Enrichment says the program cost about $25,000 a year and is funded by the county's garbage pick up tax.

Each year, the program hauls tons of waste to the landfill and Moodry says they've seen a decrease in illegal dumping since the program started.

Moodry said, "Being within community enrichment it is felt that we think cleaning Butte and keeping it looking nice is the biggest thing we can do for economic development in Butte-Silver Bow for both people coming in and wanting to stay here and have a good quality of life."

The waste site is open Tuesday-Friday, 10 AM to 8 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 8 AM to 4 PM and the program will run through August 15.

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