Unos Golf Tournament

BUTTE-Saturday was a busy day at the Highland View Golf Course in the Mining City for the 12th annual Uno's Charity Golf Tournament, to raise money to fight cancer in southwest Montana.

The tournament was started 12 years ago by Butte native Meg Murphy after her close friend Ann Watson was diagnosed with cancer. The first year about 60 golfers showed up and today there was 160 golfers signed up to play. Murphy says it gets bigger each year.

The golfers ranged in age and skill level but they all had the same goal, to have fun and raise money to fight cancer.

The tournament teamed up with St. James Healthcare about 5 years ago and together they have raised thousands of dollars for the hospital and scholarships in Butte. Last year, the tournament raised $25,000 and organizers say they plan to raise even more this year.

President of St. James, Jay Doyle says the hospital does thousands of cancer treatments each year and the money raised by the tournament helps them to improve their treatment and invest in new technology.

Doyle said, "It's going to be used for bringing in a lymphedema expert and be able to fund that expert over the years, lymphedema is a side effect of chemo and radiation that's used in the cure of cancers."

Murphy says the tournament wouldn't be possible without the generous donations and sponsorship from the Butte community.

Murphy says a majority of people in the community know someone impacted by cancer and the tournament is the least they can do to help the community. "People impacted by cancer, you know them, you can put a face to the name and you know you gave what you could to help that person out," said Murphy.

Unos Lounge in Butte hosted a corn hole tournament with live music and an auction after the golf tournament. Murphy says if you would like more information on the tournament or to donate to St. James cancer fund, click here.

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