Marching Band

BUTTE-It's no secret the Mining City loves parades from St. Patrick's Day to the 4th of July and even Halloween.

Now, one Butte High School musician will be in one of the biggest parades in the country later this month, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Each year, over 20 million people across the country watch the parade and this year Butte residents may see a familiar face in one of the marching bands.

Butte High sophomore, Derek Bane-Parsons ha played instruments since he was 6 years old.

He has mastered the guitar, the violin, the saxophone and the French horn. He currently plays the French horn in Butte High's concert band.

When he started at Butte High as a freshman, he fell in love with the marching band. Bane-Parsons has even taken the time to perfect his skills.

"I loved it so much that I decided to go out on my own and study up on my own watching YouTube videos and reading books," said Bane-Parsons.

His band instructor Jean Perusich took notice of Bane-Parsons's dedication. A few months ago, when she received an email from the coordinators of the parade that asked for student nominations, it was no surprise she nominated him.

"To see it on my email and I'm like wow this is so cool and that he is able to go through with it feels surreal, I'm really excited for him," said Perusich.

Bane-Parsons is one of just two hundred students chosen from across the country to march in the annual parade. He adds thousands of band students from all 50 states were nominated for the honor.

Bane-Persons says he has dreamed of the day he would march down the streets of New York City since he was a kid. "I've watched the Macy's Day Parade every year, I love the bands and I've watched the rose parade every year and I've always been fascinated with the marching bands and I said one day I'm going to be able to do that and that day finally came," said Bane-Parsons.

On Thanksgiving Day, Bane-Parsons will represent Montana and the Mining City in front of millions of people in the Big Apple.

Bane-Parsons will head to New York City on November 23 for a few days of practice before the big day.

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