Viral puppies

Courtesy: GussGuss Photography 

HALL- Kodie is a 2-year-old Golden Retriever from Butte, who was featured on Good Morning America last month after her owner decided the pup deserved a maternity shoot.

Kodie's mom Chelsie Garrels runs GussGuss Photography in Butte. Garrels says Kodie loves to pose for the camera. "Well Kodie has been a model in all of my photo shoots, she's done Christmas in a tutu and Easter in all sorts of stuff so it just felt normal to us," said Garrels. Kodie wore a pink and blue tutu for the special shoot.

The puppies were born January 14th and were featured on Good Morning America. "I never thought my dog in a tutu would become viral, it was really cute and fun to watch," said Garrels.

The puppies are now four weeks old and their breeder Kaylynn Donahue says all the dogs were sold by the time they were a week old. The puppies and Kodie will stay in Hall until the puppies are 8 weeks old and can go to their new homes.

Each puppy has a different colored collar, to make it easy for them to be identified. "The collars on them are how we identify them just because they're pretty similar in colors, so their color is their color," said Donahue.

At just four weeks old Donahue says each puppy already has a distinct personality. "The purple one, she's the littlest one or she was the littlest one when she was born but she's not anymore the pink one is now the smallest one," said Donahue.

Garrels says she'll keep one of Kodie's puppies from her next litter.

To keep updated on the latest photos of the puppies and their progress, Garrels says to check out her GussGuss Photography page on Facebook.

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