Butte couple gets new roof

BUTTE - For the past four years, Over The Top Roofing has given away a free roof to a person or family in need each spring.

This year is the contest's biggest donation yet, and it's for a Butte family whose son faced numerous medical issues at birth.

Katelyn Rivers' son, Bentley, is a year old and doctors didn't expect him to live past six months. Bentley was born premature with health complications and had to spend the first five weeks of his life in the NICU in Missoula.

It's been a journey for the family over the past year and it hasn't been cheap.

"It was a battle, a real battle to get him to come home safely," Rivers said.

When the River's roof needed a costly repair due to leaking in their bedrooms, family members nominated them for the roof contest.

Michael Byers, president of Over The Top Roofing, said, "Tons of people nominated Joe and Katelyn it started when I think both of their parents nominated them and then the story with it everybody read that and it was a really heart felt story."

Over The Top Roofing has teamed up with three other companies from around the Butte area to donate their time and supplies to help the Rivers family. Triple S Building Center Inc. and GAF Materials Corporation donated brand new shingles for the home. MDS Enterprises gave the family brand new gutters after hearing about the project.

Crews from all four of the companies have been hard at work replacing the roof since Thursday.

"Everybody that works for Over The Top Roofing was a part of this," Byers said, "Every one of them, when given the option if they wanted to work for free and donate their time for this project, or be paid for it, opted to work for free and donate their time."

The Rivers family is overjoyed by the progress of their new roof and wants to thank the Butte community for their generosity.

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