Butte Detention Center

BUTTE-Big improvements are coming to the Butte-Silver Bow Detention Center in the next few months.

For the past three years, the county has had $300,000 in the budget forĀ  security system upgrades at the jail. The county has determined the money would best be spent on upgrades to the control system and the cameras in the jail.

The upgrades would increase security and lessen the stress on the one detention officer in the control room. The detention officer must control all but one door in the jail and monitor every person that goes in and out of the building.

Police say the upgrades would make the detention officers job more efficient with easier to operate equipment.

The jail is about 15 years old, and Butte-Silver Bow sheriff Ed Lester says their main concern is the electrical switches being over used and the areas where cameras don't cover.

The jail is currently over capacity with 107 inmates and Lester says this will help keep the staff and inmates as safe as possible.

"We are looking at about 15 years of wear and tear on some of these parts and the cameras we upgrade them as we can but we usually do it in pieces as we can afford and this allows us to upgrade the system completely," Lester said.

The county has selected a company to do the upgrades and sheriff Lester says they hope to have them complete in the next six months.

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