ANACONDA- A few mischievous bears have been spotted rummaging through resident's trash and even stealing a sandwich out of a car.

The behavior could be dangerous to humans and bears, and residents are asked to do their part to keep bears from being drawn to town.

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks caught one of those bears on Wednesday and released it back into the wild. The bear is one of three that have recently been spotted in people's yards on the west side of Anaconda - and there could be more bears out there, FWP says.

This isn't the first time bears have caused trouble this summer. Another bear reportedly got into a car with its window down and stole a sandwich off the seat about a month ago.

Overall, FWP Game Warden Joe Kambic said it's actually been a relatively slow summer for bear activity due to the wet weather.

Kambic says the bears are trying to gather as much food as possible before hibernation.

A second trap has been set on the west side of town and FWP says residents can help by cleaning up pet food, bird seed and garbage which attract bears to food sources that aren't in the trap.

Kambic said, "Anaconda is bear country, the whole city is bear country and needs to be as vigilant as they can and try to keep their garbage in a garage."

People are asked never to touch a bear trap if they come across one.

If you see a bear in town, FWP recommends you call their office or local law enforcement.

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