Anaconda Snow

ANACONDA- The community is bracing for another winter, with memories still fresh from February's snowstorm that dumped almost four feet of snow on Anaconda in just a few days.

It took the county over a week to shovel themselves out with help from the state.

On Wednesday, Anaconda received about four inches of snow. County officials and residents say they were prepared after taking some new precautions after last winter.

Snow removal crews were busy on Wednesday in Anaconda. Chris Finigan, owner of Man on a Mission snow removal, says they had 28 houses to shovel on Wednesday. But after last winter, four inches of snow is nothing for their crews.

Finigan also said they learned a lot after last February's severe storm. Crews at Man on a Mission made sure all their machines were serviced and ready to go before Wednesday's storm. "The best thing is make sure all your machines are serviceable and you have good shovels ready to go," Finigan said.

Anaconda-Deer Lodge County also stepped up their preparedness level this winter. The county purchased new equipment, added another full-time snow plow operator and have new emergency snow routes.

Anaconda-Deer Lodge Chief Executive Officer Bill Everett said, "residents are a little jumpy this year at the first site of snow and they're calling wanting to know what we're going to do, we are prepared for snow and we get snow every year."

Anaconda crews did a good job clearing snow Wednesday afternoon and Everett says county workers were out salting the roads as early as 3 AM on Wednesday. He adds although last year was devastating for the community, Everett says he is proud of Anaconda.

"There were some lessons learned but I think the most beneficial thing about last year is the community really pulled together, it was truly a team effort," Everett said.

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