Why box stores and chain restaurants make Bozeman big tourism dollars

BOZEMAN- Tourism numbers climb in Bozeman and throughout Gallatin County.

 It's no secret that Bozeman has picturesque views, great shopping and is just a stone's throw away from Yellowstone making Bozeman a hot tourist destination.

 With the recent growth in the city, some people are concerned that Bozeman may be losing a small town charm due to the rising box stores and chain restaurants.

The Bozeman Chamber of Commerce says that they work very closely with the downtown partnership and other organizations throughout the city to make sure Bozeman stays the way it's been beloved for years.

There is a simple explanation for box stores and chain restaurants moving to Bozeman.

Tourism is up, last year 5.2 million people drove through Bozeman, at least 1.7 million of those people spent the night in Gallatin County or in Bozeman. 

Tourists spent $700 million in Gallatin County last year.

Box stores and chain restaurants provide a level of comfort for those tourists. 

“They love our local restaurant's, homemade restaurants and mom-and-pop restaurants but they are a custom for one night of their vacation to go out to a chain restaurant that they are used to,” Daryl Schliem CEO of The Bozeman Chamber of Commerce said.

Keeping Bozeman unique while also keeping its charm is something Schliem is very focused on.

“I think that that blend has done very well here in Bozeman and I think the mix is coming together.” Schliem said. 

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